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I'm just writing to let folks know that I have finally gotten my very own livejournal. Yes I have finally succumbed. You can find me under the name ofdandelionteeth.

We'll see how well I use it.
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Frogfilk Con Report!

This is still jenn, posting on mrlogic's behalf. I apologize for the length of this post. I'm afraid I don't know how to post a link that goes to the actual message. *_*

I wanted to post a "con report" for Frogfilk, the housefilk organized and hosted by Kirsti. I tried to take notes each day, and I hope that my memory will allow me to fill in the blanks. But to summarize, this was a wonderful housefilk. I had a great time, I would love to come up again next year, and Kirsti has inspired me to try to organize a housefilk of my own.

[edit: many, many thanks to Callie and telynor for explaining what a cut tag is and how to make it work]

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For brave girls who fight demons... ^_^

Past midnight through Sunnydale alleys I roam
Betrayed by my friends and cast out of my home
They tell me I'm lucky, and seem unaware
My strength gives me heavier burdens to bear
My power and purpose have made me a slave
And griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

My first day at Sunnydale high school I learned
There was no escaping the calling I spurned
But thrills of my duty are tinged with remorse
For Slaying engendered my parents' divorce
The Master is trying to rise from his cave
While griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

Angelus's freedom made everything worse
For it was my love that released Angel's curse
Too little and late came Ms. Calender's spell
For my duty's sake I sent Angel to hell
My best of intentions his pathway did pave
And griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

When I returned home to reclaim my own fate
My mother, my Angel, and Faith did await
I fought my dark mirror, watched Angel depart
And tried not to take Mom's mistrust much to heart
I constantly search for the closeness I crave
While griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

In college uncertain and losing my voice
Switched out of my body without any choice
Distrusting my allies, estranging my friends
Then fighting a spirit when we make amends
She visits our nightmare to rant and to rave
And griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

My boyfriend resents me, my mother falls ill
Finn's gone when I find Mom so cold and so still
A god of insanity seeks out her key
But I won't let anyone take Dawn from me
To rescue my sister, my own life I gave
I willingly fell to the peace of my grave

But death is no answer, the wicked don't rest
I crawl back to life at my friends' dark behest
The ones that I love cause me such pain and grief
I turn to a monster to find my relief

Through forests of tombstones I hunt every night
Desp'rately seeking a vampire to fight
I stand in the darkness and try to be brave
While griefs pile upon me like dirt on a grave

Tonight, as before, I must stand on my own
The army I'm leading has left me alone
I'm only one Slayer, yet still I must find
Some way to keep others from falling behind
Apocalypse nears and once more I must save
The world and my friends from a cold, lonely grave

I constantly battle each new Hellmouth wave
And griefs pile on higher like dirt on a grave.

Hm, perhaps mrlogic will write me some music to make this poem cooler than it is, right now... >.< ...
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mrlogic's absence

Mrlogic is currently unable to post to this livejournal account. To protect his privacy as well as that of his daughters, his family, and his friends, I ask you not to indulge in rumor-swapping or otherwise ill-informed gossiping.

Whoever has been contacting his friends-list anonymously may not be aware of the incredible damage s/he is causing. In the hopes that you are not being intentionally cruel, I am asking you to please stop.

I will continue to update as I deem appropriate.

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Commissioned Artwork!!

I'm very pleased...I have just completed and delivered my first commissioned (i.e., paid) ambigram for someone I do not know, who somehow found my ambigrams page on the web.

Now all I need is to figure out how to charge more for them, and/or get more people to order them, and I can, OK, I'm probably not going to retire on ambigrams. But it's a fun way to pick up pocket change.
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Japanese verbs

Spent over an hour helping slantiness study Japanese last night, and now my brain is full of verbs...

おりる (oriru) to get off
いれる (ireru) to put in
いそぐ (isogu) to hurry
はしる (hashiru) to run
あらう (arau) to wash
せんたくする (sentaku suru) to do laundry
べんきょうする (benkyō suru) to do homework
さがす (sagasu) to look for
おす (osu) to push
すう (suu) to smoke
きがえる (kigaeru) to change clothes
けんかする (kenka suru) to fight
and many more...
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tfabris's Consonance photo-report

tfabris has posted a great gallery of captioned photos from Consonance, including some really neat panoramas of filk circles and even a couple of very short video clips from concerts. Check it out!

(Please reply to Tony's comment so he can read your comments too!)
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