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A productive Sunday

So, here's what got done today:

My darling Jenn and her mother Claudia helped me to remove frightening quantities of blackberry vines from some of their nefarious loci of infestation in my front and back yards. This involved the usual helpings of minor lacerations and cursing. Unfortunately one of my worst scratches, on my leg, did not attract my notice for hours, with the result that it didn't get cleaned and now appears to be mildly infected. I slathered a bunch of antiseptic on it when I found it, but it will probably look ugly for a couple of days. The anti-cane operation is not nearly completed, but we have made major inroads and one can actually see the Lost Shed again.

I finished an ambigram that Claudia had commissioned from me as a surprise gift for her husband for her wedding anniversary tomorrow, and assisted her in matting and framing it. (I'll post it to my page soon.)

I managed to find the two missing edge pieces to the Simpsons jigsaw puzzle that has been languishing unfinished on a card table in my dining room for the past 2 1/2 years. It's still almost entirely unfinished, but at least now the outer edge is complete.

I assisted the girls with their yard sale, with which they're attempting to raise some money for a choir trip to Disneyland. Unfortunately, missjely was quite ill today, and wasn't able to participate much. It also rained lightly several times today, and almost nobody came to the sale. slantiness managed to sell a pair of gloves and some candy bars. They're going to try again next weekend, and we hope they'll have better luck.

Tomorrow: my first Valentine's Day in years with any romantic object. I'm actually looking forward to it.
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