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About my Valentine: How do I love thee?

For my beloved Jenn, here are

100 things I love about my Valentine:

She likes my music.
She does beautiful calligraphy.
She thinks my kids are great.
She makes stained-glass.
She reads Douglas Adams.
She reads Edward Gorey.
She reads Tolkien.
She reads Harry Potter.
She made me read Terry Pratchett.
She's a Buffy fan.
She plays Trivial Pursuit.
She's letting me teach her to play Scrabble.
She likes my artwork.
She likes Echo's Children.
She's a writer.
She's written fanfic that she won't let me see.
She doesn't use the nickname commonly applied to her name.
She likes to learn things.
She holds my hand.
She loves her animals.
She likes my plaid shirts.
She's funny.
She's sympathetic.
She doesn't mind that I'm insane.
She's a vegetarian.
She's more familiar with history and literature than I am.
She doesn't expect more of my time than I can give.
She has a cute cat who stole my wristwatch.
She has really great parents.
She knows how to stay up late when there's a party.
She lives in the Eugene/Springfield area.
She knows some ASL.
She has Astérix in French.
She makes silly anagrams of her name when signing emails.
She likes the Indigo Girls.
She's excited about Star Wars: Episode III.
She gives me irresistible straight lines.
She doesn't mind skipping in public.
She likes to sleep in.
She likes bathrobes.
She loves to ruffle my hair.
She likes Escape Key.
She's beautiful.
She's sarcastic.
She uses a Macintosh.
She knows mythology.
She values silliness.
She goes to SF cons.
She has small, delicate hands.
She likes classical music.
She can spell.
She can appreciate barbershop.
She can relate to my daughters' interests.
She knows Tom Lehrer's music.
She likes to hug.
She likes to snuggle.
She has a waterbed.
She likes to be touched.
She loved The Incredibles.
She has really neat friends.
She hops up and down when she's excited.
She knows how to filk.
She has the Boynton songbooks.
She knows when she's being cranky.
She wants to do things with me.
She introduced me to the Uppity Blues Women.
She has a wonderful smile.
She's younger than I am.
She has The Space Child's Mother Goose.
She's infuriated by my puns.
She has neat posters with animals hidden in them.
She tolerates the fact that I'm a slob but thinks she can fix me.
She's ticklish.
She's kissable.
She can sing.
She has eyes of a color that's difficult to name.
She helped me kill blackberry vines.
She loves chocolate.
She hates smoking.
She's practical.
She has a print of van Gogh's Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night on her wall.
She looks great in a dress.
She likes to help people.
She knows the Muppet version of The Frog Prince.
She tinkles around on the piano, although she doesn't play.
She has a beliefs-and-values system in lockstep with mine.
She likes to go for walks.
She loves Sesame Street, especially Cookie Monster.
She enjoys good movies.
She likes the color purple.
She writes wonderful emails.
She has several positive attributes that I'm not listing here for reasons of decorum.
She's a dedicated professional.
She cares about her clients.
She's smart.
She laughs at my jokes.
She loves flowers.
She gave me flowers.
She loves me.

I love you, my darling. I am so glad we are together. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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